We educate the most critical fundamental investors

Help us to bring transparency to the world of crypto tokens. We review, rate and rank crypto tokens based on their fundamentals and educate the next generation of token researchers.

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We build tools for investors

Most tokens are entirely worthless. We help investors understand, which tokens have a robust economics design, real utility, a sustainable growth model, functioning value accrual and a healthy business model. In other words: We assess tokens with brutal honesty and call out the junk.

We bring back trust

We aim to bring trust back into crypto by equipping investors with the right tools to evaluate crypto tokens. We want to avoid investors falling for the next Luna, Looksrare, Axie Infinity or all the worthless DeFi Governance tokens.

We make token research accessible

We make our reports as accessible as possible. That is why we aim for translating them into the native language of our audiences. Starting with English and German.

We help develop the principles of good Tokenomics

We hope to guide investors away from the Ponzis, rugs and scams towards ethical and sustainable businesses. Our scores and review shall function as badge for digital assets.

We develop tools and frameworks

We started with a general evaluation framework but will soon work on specific tools to evaluate: L1s, L2s, Community tokens, Web3 gaming, ReFi tokens and more.

We educate the next generation of Token Researchers

Every month you can join us for a free-cohort based course on how to analyse Crypto tokens. You will learn how to use the Token Economy Evaluation Framework that covers 9 dimensions.

We advance the use of on-chain data

We develop tangible metrics & data practices that help investors understand what how well a token ecosystem is doing regarding aspects such as developer activity, demand sided growth, revenue and much more.

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Ready to save Crypto?

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Our mission

We bring transparency to the world of digital assets and token ecosystems. We are educating a new generation of token researchers and provide rankings & reviews to investors. Our product could be called DYOR on steriods.

Our vision

We envision a future in which it is impossible to shill worthless tokens to investors. And every investor has the tools and knowledge to assess a token by its fundamentals.

What is a cooperative?

Cooperatives are organisations owned, controlled and run by and for their members to realise their common economic, social, and cultural needs and aspirations. At the TRC we want to grow a sustainable business and educate the best Token Researchers out there.

How do we make money?

We are selling reports with the rankings & rating packaged as part of our product 365degrees. We also review token ecosystems on a commission basis.